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What is HACCP Certfication?

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) is used within the food industry to ensure that food is not contaminated. A HACCP plan should be put in place when a food product is being processed and the requirements of this plan should be documented.

HACCP Certification Importance

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Process (HACCP) is a systematic method of analyzing food safety hazards and designing control systems to prevent, reduce or eliminate such hazards. When properly implemented, a HACCP program ensures that food is safe, sanitary and wholesome for consumers. For food businesses, it is a prerequisite to qualify for certification and for accreditation.

The importance of HACCP certification in the food service and manufacturing industry is critically important. HACCP certification ensures food products are safe and do not contain harmful ingredients. Food safety begins with the manufacturer and HACCP certification means the manufacturer is well-versed in food safety laws and quality standards.


  • It identifies the specific hazard which can occur in the food production or in food chain.
  • It helps to control the hazardous risk which can cause major illness to consumer such as physical, Biological, and chemical hazard.
  • It is type of preventive measures which helps to control the hazard whose occurrence is natural in the food contributed by environment or at time of food processing.

HACCP Support

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Steps to Certification

HACCP Certification Trainings PROQITS offers onsite and online trainings

Food Safety Awareness Training

Hygiene is required to avoid food handlers from getting sick and spreading disease. Food handler’s responsibility is to prevent others from getting sick from unsafe food. This course will enable you to learn the concepts of HACCP.

Level 2 HACCP Certification Training

This course is for those professionals who need to employ the HACCP to maintain the safety of their products. It provides a complete systematic method of quality control, which can be easily adapted to any work environment. 

Level 3 HACCP Certification Training

It addresses three primary areas: planning, cooking, and serving. The HACCP program includes identifying, monitoring critical control points, establishing critical limits, eliminating hazards and verifying food safety.