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Management Systems

PROQITS is a dedicated resource for management systems certification. We provide quality management systems certification consulting, training and implementation services to various organizations of different nature and size. Our satisfied clients for ISO certification & consultancy include both small and large organizations.

PROQITS provide various Certifications consultancy like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, HACCP etc.

Management System

The tools that management systems offer are designed to help you and your team be more effective.

  • Identify where you are with respect to building a sustainably successful organization (Organizational Assessment);
  • Define where you want your company to be and how you will make this vision of a sustainably successful organization a reality (Strategic Planning); 
  • Develop the management/leadership skills/capabilities needed to promote and support successful organizational development (Leadership and Management Development);
  • Manage your organization’s structure so that it supports the effective and efficient achievement of your long-term goals (Structure Design);
  • Design and implement the performance management systems needed to promote effective execution of your strategic plan (Performance Management System Design);

Our Approach

Make contact with our team to set up a meeting to discuss your initial requirements.

Our management systems consulting team will work with you to determine the current state of management systems, existing technology and methods already working well. 

Every organization needs a solid management system, but that’s easier said than done. Most consulting firms are able to write effective policies and procedures, but there’s so much more to the actual development process. First, you’ll need a solid skeleton of the key process and system documents, which, in the case of management systems, means leadership, operations, support, and assurance.

Our trainers who will tailor and deliver engaging training sessions to ensure all key personnel are informed and suitably skilled.

A comprehensive review of the system will be conducted and the necessary assurance and improvement processes will be initiated.

We’re here for you even after the project is complete. We’ll help you get certified (if necessary) and make sure your systems keep running smoothly.

What is your management system doing for you?

Get in touch with PROQITS, with one of our consultants – no sales people, just professionals who are passionate about helping to maintain systems that improve performance and enable success for your organization.