ISO Auditing Services

PROQITS’ audit services in UAE and across the globe include internal audit and control system reviews and Information Systems Audit and Risk Management.

We help companies steer clear of risks and increase the role of Internal Audits with the help of our experienced professionals.

Why Choose PROQITS

Categories of Audits

First-party audits are typically referred to as internal audits. This is the process whereby an organization audits its own processes to ensure compliance against standards.

A second-party audit is an audit conducted by an organization of a supplier to confirm that the supplier is meeting the requirements specified in the contract. This type of audit typically involves special controls over certain processes, traceability of parts, and specific documentation.

An independent company, known as a certification body, audits a company that has decided to achieve ISO certification. PROQITS assists clients during this process and recommends choosing a reputable certification body.

There are many benefits to having an impartial external body perform your internal audits. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Your organization gets professional and systematic sparring
  • We can audit areas that you cannot or may not, such as the audit of your own QHSE organization
  • We offer a different perspective on your company and its systems.
  • We can help you to level out your resource requirements.
ISO Auditing services

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